Cousin weekend!

This summer my sister and I got together a lot so our daughters could play (and so we can sew) but once the school year started, our visits have come to a stop. Until last weekend. Actually, my sister wasn’t there but I got to keep little Riley at my parents house while they went to get there new puppy 🙂

I always talk about how much they love each other but I’m pretty sure they love each other more and more everytime they get together! Molly isn’t always the most social little person but Riley has always been one of the few people that she can’t get enough of.

Anyway, here are some of our pictures from the day!



And here’s Jane. Children make her tired.

As I said, my parents went to get a new puppy. He is the cutest. I mean seriously. Look at this little guy!

That’s all for today. I just wanted to drop in for a quick post for the family 🙂

To everyone else, I have some super exciting things that I can’t post or announce yet but very soon! Thanks for hanging in here with me 🙂