New Pattern Joy!

I get really excited when Oliver + S releases new patterns! And I loved all three that were released and had to pick just one 😦  It was a seriously hard decision but since fall and winter are fast approaching, I went with the new Playtime Tunic.


Actually it’s supposed to have long sleeves, but I had this bicycle fabric laying around and I thought it would be perfect for this!  And I only had 1/4 yard.  So I shortened the tunic length and squeezed the pattern onto the fabric and forced it to fit.  Anyway, it’s still warm enough outside for short sleeves 🙂


I have been so excited for this walking stage because, let’s face it, it’s hard to get great pictures of clothes on a kid who is sitting. So I was super excited for this photo shoot since it’s the first one since she really started walking… I have now learned how very difficult it is to get a good picture of a little one who just wants to run around the backyard and play.  Also, she doesn’t understand “SMILE!!!” just yet!


Back to the outfit: I found these buttons in my button stash that I received from my husband’s grandmother. I thought they were just perfect since they sort of looks like wheels of a bicycle.


I just thought this picture was too sweet not to share 🙂  Anyway, I love this pattern and I’ve already made two tunics to match these green leggings I’ve made.  I really enjoyed making leggings on my machine.  While it’s always amazing and fun to make things well beyond the quality (and the level of detail/customization/personal fit) that you can get from the store, it is also fun to make things that looks so store bought that no one even asks you if you made them.


Rainy Day Play

Summer means we usually play in our pool outside…. Except today we woke up to a rainy day. So we brought our pool inside and filled it with shaving cream instead. Still fun!!