Eloise Dress at Sunset

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

I’ve been testing a lot of patterns lately 🙂 I love pattern testing and every time I see a testing call come up, I just have to apply!  Sometimes, I have to remind myself not to apply to every single one, since time is a valuable commodity.  But anyway….

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

When the call went up for the Eloise Dress from Bubby and Me Creations (who test sewed the Queen Street Dress for me recently here), I just absolutely knew that I had to test! The dress is PERFECT!

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

The details that she put into the pattern are so charming.  I particularly love the pleats, which are on both the front and back. And the yoke would be a great place to switch up the fabric to really make it really pop.  I’m doing that on my second version, which I have already cut.

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

The instructions are clear and detailed and contain very professionally taken photos to go along with each step!

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

On this version, I cut the size 1 (US size 12-18m) based off the chest measurement and the fit in the chest is perfect!  It has just the right amount of room to grow.

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

You can get more information about the dress pattern here.

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

All these pictures were taken at my mom and dad’s house.  They have a bunch of land and it’s so wonderfully relaxing to go there for the weekend.  Molly loves running around out there and Jane (blog readers haven’t met Jane yet, have you??) is the happiest in the world there, getting to run free and bark to her little hearts content!  Everyone, meet Jane, the poorly groomed Westie:

Jane, the poorly groomed Westie

This particular weekend wasn’t as relaxing as usual, since Molly got sick (or something, she didn’t have a fever… weird) and we were up all night with her.  But at least we got all these lovely pictures before she got sick 🙂

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns


The ones that don’t make the cut…

When your promoting things, only the best of the best pictures will do… But there are still a lot of awesome memories in the pictures that don’t make the cut!!

Queen Street Out Takes

Yesterday, I posted about the Marbella Dress (affiliate link) and last week about the Queen Street Dress.  Both of those photoshoots took place at the same time.  My neighbor’s little girl was the beautiful model for the Queen Street Dress so we met them downtown after work on a Monday and took some pictures of her before they went to eat.  Then we took the pictures of the Marbella dress while we walked around downtown.

Queen Street Out Takes

If you regularly read my blog, you may know that Molly doesn’t love having her picture taken.  Well, this time of course, when we were trying to get pictures of someone else, she wouldn’t get out of the frame!! Ed had to do some very artful photographing to not get her in every picture… with his phone in her hands non the less (she was watching Frozen).

It was so much fun seeing the girls play together! They watched a little bit of the movie together, they jumped around on the stage and they danced 🙂

Queen Street Outtakes

Girls PlayingGirls dancing

Listening to music

As I said before, after they went to dinner, we wondered the streets of downtown and took the Marbella Dress pictures.  During our wonder through downtown, we unintentionally completely intentionally ended up at a gelato shop.


Molly and I had eaten dinner before we left for downtown but Ed come straight downtown after work so he had gelato for dinner.  And mexican casserole for dessert 😉

Snow Day!!!!

I’m a slacker. The snow happened two weeks ago haha! We finally got a good snow here in Greenville. Not like the last time it snowed and barely stuck!

I love snow in the south. It stays just long enough to have a few days off of work and school. There are no cars out on the road, no people moving about. No sounds, except that of snow falling. Until the kids come out!


The kids and me, that is haha! I forced my child to make a snow man with me. We learned through this experience that she hates snow/cold weather/ being cold. She’s a Charleston girl at heart 😊



She tolerated it for a little while. Here’s the finished product. We named him Buck-toothed Bob.


After that, we took here sledding on the golf course behind our house. If we thought she hated the snow man building experience, it was nothing to how she felt about sledding.


We had a blast and now we are ready for spring. I’ve been planning my garden and starting to get that stuff set up so hopefully soon I will be posting about gardening (and not about more snow)!

Apple Picking


This past weekend, we went apple picking for the first time with Molly!  To be honest, it was the first time for all of us.  We had so much fun (even though Molly spent her time trying to eat rotten apples she found on the ground)


She is wearing the dress I made for her to wear at her birthday party using the Craftiness Is Not Optional Madison Dress tutorial.  More importantly though, she ate her first doughnut.  The apple farm we went to makes fresh hot apple cider doughnuts.  They were amazing (Molly didn’t eat very much though.  She doesn’t really like sweets and I’m not really complaining about that but that’s why she’s making that face hahaha!).


She loved carrying around apples and she had one in her hands almost the whole time we were there.





We had so much fun and now we have sooooo many apples, I don’t know what we’re going to do with them yet!