All things moving and changing

So as I mentioned previously, we are moving homes. And I never thought this process would be so stressful! Between packing and going back and forth between towns and setting up a house to sell (not to mention the holiday craziness) we have been pretty much running around like headless chickens for the past month. But on to happy better things.

The Ginger House Designs Blog is also moving!! We are going to be self hosted!! The new website will be and will be coming soon! I can’t wait for this change along with all the other things that are going to be coming up for this blog! I’ll keep everyone informed as we go through this process.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! Ours was wonderful and while it was a little sad to see it all end, it is nice to get back to normal (or find a new normal) and get ready for the big changes coming our way!!

I have more posts planned for this week so make sure you check back! Have a great Monday!!


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