Sweatshirt Pants

This is going to be the fastest, pseudo tutorial that you have ever seen!

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

I get piles of hand-me-downs from neighbors and I love it.  Some hand-me-downs are for Molly and some for me.  I’ve gotten some great things that way! But the things that don’t look good on me or aren’t my style go into the fabric drawers, awaiting new life.

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

And then, one of the sweatshirts finally got it’s new life, as sweat(shirt) pants!

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

The shirt she is wearing with them is a self drafted shirt from the Harry Potter outfit I made back in January.  The sleeves are getting a little short now but, hey, they are 3/4 length, right?

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

So here’s my quick little how-to on the pants! (And I somehow only took one picture so hopefully the explanation will be good! Sorry, I’ll have better tutorials up very soon!!!)

Lay the sweatshirt out so that the arms are flat and even.  I used the already sewn arm sleeves so that the only seam I had to sew was the seat of the pants.  Fold the legging pattern (I’m using, as always, the Oliver + S playtime leggings) in half and aline the fold of pattern with the fold of the sleeve (not the fold with the arm seam). Match the bottom sleeve (or take a little off the bottom for a perfect fit since it wont be hemmed at the end).

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

Cut along the outmost lines of the seat of the leggings pattern first, as shown in the picture.


Then, carefully, cut the front part of leggings to match your pattern.  I eyeballed it and cut as close as possible.  Now, cut the back of the legging to match the back of the leggings curve, again eyeballing it to match the back curve as well as possible.  Now use this cut out leg as the pattern piece to cut the leg out of the second sleeve.

Align the cut out sleeve with the non-cut sleeve, aligning the bottoms and folded edge (you will need to do this one mirror image).  Cut the edges to match the top edges (front and back) of the first pair (remembering that it needs to be mirror image).

Then finish sewing the leggings as per the instructions, picking up at sewing the seat of the leggings!

Supper easy, right?!

Sweatshirt Pant by Ginger House Designs

And on another note: How funny are these pictures? I’ve mentioned before about how difficult Molly can be to take pictures of, or to get to model, I guess and this was no exception.  It seems like every photo shoot is full of 2 year old stubbornness. She plays fine until a camera comes out and then suddenly, she needs to be held and wont smile and wont look!  So for this one, we just let her play with a kettle full of water and a mug! At least it worked, right?

Sweatshirt Pant by Ginger House Designs


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