We’re MOVING!!!

I finally get to announce!!! I’ve been dropping hints about something exciting that we have coming up and now it’s time to share!! We are moving!!

Ed has been offered a new job and since we had to wait till everything was set in stone before posting it all over the internet, I had to keep quiet. And that’s really hard for me.  I’m a bad secret keeper and anyone who knows me knows that!

So today I wanted to post a little tribute to where the wonderful place we are leaving.

We got married while living here.

South Carolina Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Cakes, Catering, Hair/makeup, custom invitations, wedding planning and coordinating, floral design, videography,

We got our first furry child, Jane.

Baby Jane

baby jane

We bought our first house.

Our First House

We had a human baby, Molly.

Brand new Molly

We did things, we met people, we had fun!

Looking Awesome Looking super awesome Kayla :)Grace's wedding cakeFirst ever white christmasDarcy and EllieLeaves and stuffThe creek behind our houseBaby Molly and Baby MelliePool timeMolly and Riley

This town has been good to us and we have enjoyed it immensely! Thanks to everyone who made it special!

Now, we are ready for our next big adventure! I’m so excited about the prospect of finding a new house and posting about some decorating fun 😉


Sweatshirt Pants

This is going to be the fastest, pseudo tutorial that you have ever seen!

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

I get piles of hand-me-downs from neighbors and I love it.  Some hand-me-downs are for Molly and some for me.  I’ve gotten some great things that way! But the things that don’t look good on me or aren’t my style go into the fabric drawers, awaiting new life.

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

And then, one of the sweatshirts finally got it’s new life, as sweat(shirt) pants!

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

The shirt she is wearing with them is a self drafted shirt from the Harry Potter outfit I made back in January.  The sleeves are getting a little short now but, hey, they are 3/4 length, right?

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

So here’s my quick little how-to on the pants! (And I somehow only took one picture so hopefully the explanation will be good! Sorry, I’ll have better tutorials up very soon!!!)

Lay the sweatshirt out so that the arms are flat and even.  I used the already sewn arm sleeves so that the only seam I had to sew was the seat of the pants.  Fold the legging pattern (I’m using, as always, the Oliver + S playtime leggings) in half and aline the fold of pattern with the fold of the sleeve (not the fold with the arm seam). Match the bottom sleeve (or take a little off the bottom for a perfect fit since it wont be hemmed at the end).

Sweatshirt Pants by Ginger House Designs

Cut along the outmost lines of the seat of the leggings pattern first, as shown in the picture.


Then, carefully, cut the front part of leggings to match your pattern.  I eyeballed it and cut as close as possible.  Now, cut the back of the legging to match the back of the leggings curve, again eyeballing it to match the back curve as well as possible.  Now use this cut out leg as the pattern piece to cut the leg out of the second sleeve.

Align the cut out sleeve with the non-cut sleeve, aligning the bottoms and folded edge (you will need to do this one mirror image).  Cut the edges to match the top edges (front and back) of the first pair (remembering that it needs to be mirror image).

Then finish sewing the leggings as per the instructions, picking up at sewing the seat of the leggings!

Supper easy, right?!

Sweatshirt Pant by Ginger House Designs

And on another note: How funny are these pictures? I’ve mentioned before about how difficult Molly can be to take pictures of, or to get to model, I guess and this was no exception.  It seems like every photo shoot is full of 2 year old stubbornness. She plays fine until a camera comes out and then suddenly, she needs to be held and wont smile and wont look!  So for this one, we just let her play with a kettle full of water and a mug! At least it worked, right?

Sweatshirt Pant by Ginger House Designs

A Fall Playdate Dress

On the Oliver + S blog, they have a series where different people come onto the blog and talk about their favorite sewing pattern from Oliver + S.  Well today I wanted to tell you about my favorite pattern from Oliver + S: the Playdate Dress!

Playdate Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

I think this is my 6th version of this dress, which is the most times I have ever made a pattern (excluding the leggings pattern but that’s a wardrobe basic so of course I would make a lot of those!).  I have not posted any of the other version I made (which is shocking to me but I guess that was before I was really blogging a lot) though I did get my favorite version I have ever made posted to flickr.

Playdate Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

The funny thing about my love for this pattern is that I didn’t pick it out.  I was looking for a pattern to buy for Molly’s first Christmas and after buying and failing with a McCall’s pattern (I was just picking sewing back up and didn’t yet have the sewing knowledge to sew the pattern that I choose), I started search the internet for other options.

And then I found Oliver + S and began a pattern love affair.  I have purchased tons of their patterns and have recieved even more for gifts. Seriously, if anyone is ever in doubt, an Oliver + S pattern is the best gift for me haha.

Playdate Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

I forget which one I picked out that I originally wanted but I called my husband and told him to look at the patterns and he called back and said he liked the Playdate.  I trust his opinion fully, so I bought it.

Oh wait, now I remeber! I orignally wanted the Apple Picking Dress and I still don’t have that one! (Mom, are you reading this 😉 )

Playdate Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

The instructions were great and taught me things while I worked through it.  I made one dress and then liked it so much that I made one for my niece and one more for my cousin’s daughter.  And then I never stopped making them.

Playdate Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

I always have a Playdate dress cut out!

On this version, the only changes I made where to finish the arms with contrast bias tape and the monogram.  I used my sisters embroidery machine.

Playdate Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

So that it! Does anyone else have a pattern that they really love and sew again and again?

My First Quilt!!

Faux Chenille Quilt

One of my cousins (and a couple others and a even a few other people in my life…) just found out that they are having a baby!! It’s their first and it’s super exciting!!  As soon as I heard the news, I started on this baby blanket.

Faux Chenille Blanket

I used the tutorial for the faux chenille blanket from Made and it was very to follow.

Faux Chenille Blanket

Sewing the quilting lines was the “hardest” thing about this quilt. And it wasn’t hard exactly.  Just tedious.

Faux Chenille Blanket

But cutting the layers to make the faux chenille was very fun. I would cut few layers and then picking it up to watch how the drape of the blanket changed just by a few cut lines! And I love any project that I can take into the living room and watch a show while doing (we just finished up Doctor Who and I don’t know what to watch next! Any Netflix recommendations? I’m watching Gilmore Girls as my laundry folding day time show but Ed refuses to watch that one with me).

Faux Chenille Blanket

The layers aren’t as ruffled up as I would like them to be but the more it gets used and washed and dried the more it will ruffle!

Faux Chenille Blanket

So, now, I guess I have to make about 3 more of these since everyone in my family is having babies next summer (not me though! I have other exciting things that I will get to share very very soon!).


Cousin weekend!

This summer my sister and I got together a lot so our daughters could play (and so we can sew) but once the school year started, our visits have come to a stop. Until last weekend. Actually, my sister wasn’t there but I got to keep little Riley at my parents house while they went to get there new puppy 🙂

I always talk about how much they love each other but I’m pretty sure they love each other more and more everytime they get together! Molly isn’t always the most social little person but Riley has always been one of the few people that she can’t get enough of.

Anyway, here are some of our pictures from the day!



And here’s Jane. Children make her tired.

As I said, my parents went to get a new puppy. He is the cutest. I mean seriously. Look at this little guy!

That’s all for today. I just wanted to drop in for a quick post for the family 🙂

To everyone else, I have some super exciting things that I can’t post or announce yet but very soon! Thanks for hanging in here with me 🙂

Eloise Dress at Sunset

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

I’ve been testing a lot of patterns lately 🙂 I love pattern testing and every time I see a testing call come up, I just have to apply!  Sometimes, I have to remind myself not to apply to every single one, since time is a valuable commodity.  But anyway….

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

When the call went up for the Eloise Dress from Bubby and Me Creations (who test sewed the Queen Street Dress for me recently here), I just absolutely knew that I had to test! The dress is PERFECT!

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

The details that she put into the pattern are so charming.  I particularly love the pleats, which are on both the front and back. And the yoke would be a great place to switch up the fabric to really make it really pop.  I’m doing that on my second version, which I have already cut.

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

The instructions are clear and detailed and contain very professionally taken photos to go along with each step!

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

On this version, I cut the size 1 (US size 12-18m) based off the chest measurement and the fit in the chest is perfect!  It has just the right amount of room to grow.

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

You can get more information about the dress pattern here.

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

All these pictures were taken at my mom and dad’s house.  They have a bunch of land and it’s so wonderfully relaxing to go there for the weekend.  Molly loves running around out there and Jane (blog readers haven’t met Jane yet, have you??) is the happiest in the world there, getting to run free and bark to her little hearts content!  Everyone, meet Jane, the poorly groomed Westie:

Jane, the poorly groomed Westie

This particular weekend wasn’t as relaxing as usual, since Molly got sick (or something, she didn’t have a fever… weird) and we were up all night with her.  But at least we got all these lovely pictures before she got sick 🙂

Eloise Dress Pattern sewn by Ginger House Deisgns

Holiday Dress: EYMM Blog Tour (and Giveaway)

I’m on another blog tour! This time, I got to sew up EYMM’s Kenzie Dress and it’s Molly’s first holiday dress that I’ve made this year.

EYMM Kenzie Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

It was a little cold outside taking pictures but Molly was a trooper (although I did have to bribe her with out of season fruits haha). I think, as the weather gets colder, I might layer this with a long sleeve white shirt. However, since I did make this a size to big, it should fit in the warm weather too 🙂

There were a lot of options for this dress but I chose the simple dress skirt, even though I loved the signature skirt with all the layers.

EYMM Kenzie Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

I wanted to do something that wasn’t the traditional Christmas colors since I knew she would wear it for more than just christmas. I then dug around my stash (I try to hit up my stash first) and found three pretty colors.  The light blue looked holiday like to me but was a little bit see through so I needed to line it.  I found the green fabric and the colorful sash that would bring the two solid colors together.

EYMM Kenzie Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

I made just a couple modifications to the pattern.  The first was to make the sash thinner.  I didn’t actually want to do this one, I just didn’t have enough fabric to make the wide sash and I really loved this fabric. I felt like the colors were perfect for a holiday dress.  Next time, I will make the sash big and full 🙂

EYMM Kenzie Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

The second is that, since the blue fabric was a little bit sheer, I lined it with a green. Then, I hemmed the bottom layer up just a little higher to let a little peak of the green out at the bottom.

EYMM Kenzie Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

EYMM Kenzie Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

The pattern comes in 2 size ranges for kids and a doll size add on! I wanted to sew the doll version too, but alas, I ran out of green fabric.  As I mentioned, there are two skirt options and the pattern also provides the option to make a skirt instead of a dress for both skirt views.

kenzies holiday tour

Use the coupon code LITTLELADY to save 30% off any Kenzie’s Party Dress purchase (newborn-4t, 5-18tween, 18″ doll add-on, or the bundle that includes newborn-18tween plus the doll size), good at www.eymm.com until 11:59pm PST on 11/12/2014.

And now for the giveaway information! Giveaway prizes total $125 and include $50 EYMM gift certificate, Stitchbox Monthly November Sewing Box ($35 value), $25 EYMM gift certificate, and a Little Lady Sheet of Jamberry Juniors Nail Wraps ($15 retail). Click here to take you to the Raffle Copter Giveaway!

And, when you sew your version of the Kenzie dress, head back HERE to post it in the linky party! (One day *hopefully* soon, I will be self hosted and able to actually post these things on my blog! Here’s to wishing, right)


Angelic Dress (The Blaverry Blog Tour)

Blaverry Dress sewn by Ginger House Designs

Doesn’t Molly look angelic in this little dress?  I love the way the afternoon fall light looks, too.  But let’s talk about the important things here!

This pattern is the Ansley Dress by Blaverry Patterns and I got the chance to sew it up as part of the Blaverry Blog Tour.


The pattern comes with tons of options, top and shirt length, multiple hem finishes, multiple sleeve options and multiple neck finishes.  I went with a dress length with the 3/4 length sleeves since we are heading into fall/winter and a pointy collar.

Blaverry Pattern sewn by Ginger House Designs

The instructions are written for an intermediate sewer who has basic knowledge of garment construction. In the instructions are page printing numbers so you only have to print out the options that you choose.  This really comes in handy with as many options as there are!

Blaverry Pattern sewn by Ginger House Designs

I will be sewing this one up again! I need to try out a few more of the options. It was a close call between this hem finish and the high/low hem finish!

Blaverry Pattern sewn by Ginger House Designs

Thank you for stopping by!! Don’t forget to check out the other stops on this blog tour! And also use the code ILOVEBLAVERRY10 to receive 10% off of your copy of the Ansley pattern!
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