The Cottage Mama: Miss Matilda Dress

The Cottage Mama is running a very awesome giveaway right now on her blog! I follow the blog via email and when I got the email about the giveaway, I knew I just had to enter.


I hadn’t ever purchased one of her patterns, all though I have used a few of her free patterns for a couple unblogged outfits.

It took me a long time (maybe almost a week) to figure out which pattern to use.  I love the Claire Pajama Pattern (I still may end up getting that one, actually) and also about the Georgia Vintage Dress Pattern but decided on the Miss Matilda Dress in the end.  My main reasoning is that I love the top option and with some ruffle leggings, I think it will make a perfect little outfit (and layered with a long sleeve t-shirt, I can use this pattern to make some cute little fall and winter outfits).


For the contest, I knew I wanted to make a dress that was flowy and light and very whimsical.  I saw this fabric at Hancock on the sale table and it totally called to me.


The pattern was very nice and had sort of a vintage pattern feel to it.  Maybe that was in my head, but I liked it none the less.  Some of the coral-y accent fabric was a little finicky to work with but it didn’t give me way too much trouble.  I love that there is a dessert recipe at the end of the pattern.  There was one in the free party dress pattern as well, so I’m guessing that there is one at the end of all of them!  I thought that was a cute idea.


Now on to taking pictures of 2 year olds…. How do people do it?  It was really hot out and I had to buy ice cream to cool her off and get through the photo shoot at all.  She screamed about 90% of the time because she wanted me to hold her.  Also we potty trained her last week so we kept having to run off to the bathroom because she kept declaring that she had to pee! Haha!  Somehow, through all of that, we did manage to get a few good ones of her.  She had a moment where she wanted to run and play and it was just perfect!



3 thoughts on “The Cottage Mama: Miss Matilda Dress

  1. Trying to take pictures of my 2 year old is always a frenzy! I also try to keep his face somewhat artfully obscured or out of the frame, which is even harder. I try to remember this when I see bloggers with older kids and beautiful pictures, haha! The dress looks great.

    • Thank you! And that’s definitely true! I tend to get myself down because I have these beautiful pictures that live in my head and almost never make it into the camera haha!

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