Washi Dress

Another dress from a Made By Rae pattern. The Washi Dress!


There are so many great things about this pattern/dress.  It was super easy to put together, which is a major plus.  And the finished product is very flattering.  I love any adult dress that can be done with quilting cottons, since they are so readily available.

Washi Dress

Also, it has pockets.  Did I mention the pockets yet? I have yet to meet a women who doesn’t love a dress with pockets.


By the way, here is what all my half laughing picture are all about.  Molly doesn’t like it when I model, I guess.  She threw a fit the whole time! Haha! I mean, I know I’m not the greatest model, but I didn’t think it was that bad!



Back to the dress.  The fabric is an Anna Maria Horner design that I got from this really cool sewing store in Cleveland, Ohio when my sister, mother and I where there a couple weeks ago.  The store is called Stitch Cleveland. It is owned by a mother/daughter duo. They had shelves full of modern fabrics and patterns, they teach classes there and even have sewing machines set up that you can pay by the hour to use.  We, unfortunately, didn’t stay long enough to do any classes or go to a sewing time (although we tried to squeeze it in).  Anyway, if you’re ever in Cleveland, you should check it out!


That shop is also where I bought the Washi Dress pattern.  I have since added the Washi Dress Expansion pack to my pattern stash and I plan on making a long sleeve Washi Dress and a few tunics pretty soon.


2 thoughts on “Washi Dress

    • I’m working up a second one right now that is in a very light weight denim-like fabric and using a bleach pen to add designs on! Great pattern, btw!!

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