Geranium Dress

I finally bought a Made By Rae pattern, the Geranium Dress.  I have read so much about them in the sewing blog world but for some reason, I hadn’t purchased any of the patterns!


I sewed my first Geranium for Molly in a beautiful blue fabric that I got from I also got a lot of fabrics to make myself some washi dresses (I have one done already and it’s a wonderfully comfortable dress).


Back to this dress, I sewed up a size two, even though she technically measured for the 18M size. I figured it would be best to have a little room to grow, right?

I really love this pattern. The instructions were wonderfully easy to follow. The fit is perfect (aside from picking a size a little bit to big. Even so, I think it looks very nice on her!).  Un-hemmed, the skirt was really long on Molly, so I simply fold up it to a really deep hem and whip-stitched it to finish. I figure that when she gets taller, I can let the hem out and keep using it the dress!


Did anyone else notice the lovely BBQ sauce stain on it? Haha! Maybe I shouldn’t point it out but it’s there, on the web, looking at everyone.  Oh well!  That’s what happens when you let a toddler where a dress all day that you plan to photograph in the evening.


She didn’t come running up to the camera this time 😦 She must be growing up!


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