Cousin Week and Sewing Things

My sister came to stay this past week and the cousins got to play.  Molly and Riley really love playing together and it’s so nice to be able to get the girls together for a week.  This is the second cousin week we’ve had this summer and the summer is not over yet!! 🙂


During Cousin Week Part 2, my sister, Grace, and I became regular customers at almost every fabric store in town.  Seriously, people knew us by Friday haha!  It was most likely because the girls insisted on throwing huge fits and screaming in every fabric store.  Anyway, once we got away from the fabric store and the girls got to play, we got some sewing done.


I made both the Pinwheel slip dress and the tunic.  I tried to choose colors that would work well into the fall and I actually have some more things on the sewing table that will go with this dress and tunic to make a whole fall line. More on that craziness later!


Grace made the Modkid Hannah top for Riley and borrowed the leggings from me.  I made them last fall from the Oliver + S PlayTime pattern.  I love the fabric she chose for this!


Has anyone ever tried to get two toddlers to jump off of something at the same time?  It’s really not easy!  We did, however, get lots of pictures of the girls jumping and having fun!

IMG_7468 IMG_7465 IMG_7471 IMG_7474 IMG_7476 IMG_7479

And of course, one last picture that she always has to take…


I’m starting to wonder is she will ever lose interest in the camera! She still hears the camera click and then comes running up to stare straight into the lens! Ha!


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