Snow Day!!!!

I’m a slacker. The snow happened two weeks ago haha! We finally got a good snow here in Greenville. Not like the last time it snowed and barely stuck!

I love snow in the south. It stays just long enough to have a few days off of work and school. There are no cars out on the road, no people moving about. No sounds, except that of snow falling. Until the kids come out!


The kids and me, that is haha! I forced my child to make a snow man with me. We learned through this experience that she hates snow/cold weather/ being cold. She’s a Charleston girl at heart 😊



She tolerated it for a little while. Here’s the finished product. We named him Buck-toothed Bob.


After that, we took here sledding on the golf course behind our house. If we thought she hated the snow man building experience, it was nothing to how she felt about sledding.


We had a blast and now we are ready for spring. I’ve been planning my garden and starting to get that stuff set up so hopefully soon I will be posting about gardening (and not about more snow)!