“You’re a Wizard, Harry”

When Project Run and Play announced this week as “Let’s Go to the Movies,” a couple things went through my mind.  First, I knew that I didn’t want to make a costume.  Second, my mind started racing through movies that we love (I use the word “we” very loosely.  Molly hasn’t shown any real love of any movie or show, expect Sofia the First).  I first landed on Peter Pan, which is one of my all time favorite movies, but fell short on ideas to make an outfit inspired by the movie without making a costume.  Then, I thought of Stardust, another favorite, but still, I couldn’t think of a good way to portray that movie.  This went on and on for quite sometime before I finally went to the movie series that I watch (at least one of) once a week, the book series that I have read more times than I’m willing to admit.  Harry Potter.


I knew I could make an outfit that is not to costume-y but instead, takes it’s inspiration from the film.


I pulled a handful of things out of the movies that I knew I wanted to use for the outfit; things from quidditch, Hagrid’s furry coat, something of Gryffindor colors and Hedwig, of course.

The Shirt: I drafted a shirt pattern from an existing shirt that fits her well and then, used freezer paper stencils to paint on Hedwig and the cage.  I later realized that the shirt was shorter than I wanted it to be so I added a ruffle to make it more of a tunic.

detail 2 shirt

The Pants: I used The Art Museum Trousers pattern from Oliver + S.  I made a quick pocket for the back instead of the welted pockets because I knew that would be a great place for a little quidditch embroidery.

detail 1 pants

The Vest: This is another self drafted pattern.  I wanted to make something furry to resemble Hagrid’s furry coat.  I even included a pocket since Hagrid is known for having many pockets in his jacket.

detail 3 vest

After the outfit was all done, my husband, Ed, took Molly outside without and somehow got the most amazing pictures of her EVER!  I think it’s because I wasn’t there stressing everyone out 😉

IMG_7109 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7118 IMG_7105 IMG_7102 IMG_7116 IMG_7096 IMG_7101

And of course, the picture where she run up close and stares at the camera…


Hahahaha!!! Thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on ““You’re a Wizard, Harry”

  1. I love this! Very Harry Potter, without being a “costume.” If I would have made something (I am really not a movie buff!), I knew (like you!) I wanted to make something with subtle ties to a movie, rather than an overt character or movie costume. This is my favorite so far! Great job and interpretation–

  2. Darcy, you are so talented! Just amazing! When are you going to go into business, girlfriend?? You will make a fortune!!

    Aunt Jan

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