Winter Wonderland: The Classic Winter Tunic and Bloomers

Winter Wonderland! And unfortunately, I’m not talking about how it looks outside here.  Every week since Christmas, we have been promised snow but alas, no snow!


I am, however, talking about week 1 of Project Run and Play.  I started following Project Run and Play when I first gave birth to Molly and kept promising myself that I would sew along with a season once Molly was walking (because clothes get so much cuter once the baby can stand up!).  On that note, I never knew how hard it was to try to motivate a toddler to pose for a picture. She kept wanting to get her face as close to the camera as possible.  We have lots of face close ups.


Now about the outfit.


For the tunic, I started with the Oliver + S Puppet Show pattern and made many changes.  First, I joined the yoke and skirt to make one smooth front and then took some of the width out of the bottom to give it a more a-line shape.  Then I changed the button down back to a zipper and lengthened the sleeves to 3/4 length.  I chose a warm, rich, grey flannel since the texture really felt wintery to me.  The button detail (which apparently Molly hates because she was determined to rip them off) was added to give the dress a touch of color since a chose a creamy cotton fabric for the collar and to finish the sleeve edges.


Now for the bloomer story: My original idea used a tutu to go underneath the tunic.  I made the tutu using the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book and I loved it.  It wasn’t until I finished the tutu and got her dressed for the photo shoot that I realized that the tutu just didn’t look right underneath the tunic.  So it was back to the drawing board.  I drafted the bloomers using a pair of leggings that fit her well and adding lots of ease so they will be nice and puffy!


13 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland: The Classic Winter Tunic and Bloomers

  1. So adorable! I love peter pan collars on little girl clothes 🙂 And the gray and gold go so nicely. I hear ya on getting good photos of littles! They’re either blurry or their feet are cut off or one hand is sticking out of the frame or they get fingerprints on the lens. I love the top of photo especially–you’ll treasure that one (and the outfit!) forever 🙂

  2. The colors and peter pan collar immediately caught my eye!! So very well done….and I hear you on the toddler photos! We’ve been fighting that as well – trying to get a decent one of our two models together is practically impossible!!!

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