Kids Clothes Week is Here!!

So this is my first official time signing up and participating in KCWC!!  I’m so excited.  To prepare myself, I sent all last week cutting out patterns (and even drafting one for the first time!  I guess we’ll see how that goes!) so that this week I could really get some good sewing down without the annoyance of pattern cutting.

Also, I may in a bit crazy because Molly’s 1st birthday party is also this weekend and I’ve been working and cleaning diligently so that the house will actually be presentable for all Molly’s guests!  So, even while my guests are here, I have committed myself to sewing for 1 hour a day (not during the party haha but my sister and her family are coming into town so I still have to sew on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Well, let the fun begin, I guess!


Rainy Day Play

Summer means we usually play in our pool outside…. Except today we woke up to a rainy day. So we brought our pool inside and filled it with shaving cream instead. Still fun!!


Something for me

So, I rarely sew for myself… But I’m trying to change that! I feel so much happier, more proud of myself and more comfortable in the things I’ve made by hand (or machine in this case!) and I’ve mostly just knitted scarves so far! Haha!


I used the peasant dress workshop from This is just the first dress I’m working up this week! I have to make something for myself to wear to Molly’s birthday!!